Frontier Merchant



Will B4, Perception B4, Power B4, Forte B4, Agility B4, Speed B3


Health B5, Steel B4, Hesitation 6, Circles B4, Resources B4, Reflexes B3, Mortal Wound B10


4D personal cash. 15D toward building a dry dock in Seldoorn.
1D fund given to Kyra in exchange for info about what she wants to do with the boat (become a pirate captain under Veronica).


Accounting B3
Haggling B3
Inconspicuous B2
Intimidation B3
Knives B3
Persuasion B4
Read B2
Soothing Platitudes B2
Streetwise B2
Write B2
Currency-wise B2
Lord-wise B2
Peasant-wise B2
Supplier-wise B2


Advanced Persuasion to B3.
Advanced Persuasion to B4.
Advanced Circles to B4.
Advanced Resources to B4.


Falsehood 1/6
Field Dressing 1/6
Prospecting 1/6
Roden-wise 3/6
Shipwright 1/6
Tracking 1/6


3 days (unallocated).
2 months toward Administration (6 months for a routine test).

Artha Expenditures

Circles 3f 3p
Persuasion 5f 3p
Read 1f
Resources 6p


New to Seldoorn and with no local reputation to speak of, Elias wants to get in on the ground floor of what’s sure to become a prosperous city of the Empire.

Stock: Human
Age: 31
Lifepaths: City Born, Criminal, Moneylender, Merchant


  • I will find a mentor or a book to instruct me in Administration.
  • Find our what Kyra wants once she has boat money.
  • The Roden are an untapped resource. I will find a Roden leader for Seldoorn.

Revisitable or Future Beliefs

  • I will learn more about these roden and their wants. Next I will …
  • I will find investment opportunities in Seldoorn.
  • I will find patrons with a surplus of wealth and convince them to invest.
  • I will convince the town council that a town improvement [a proper port, a proper shipyard, a proper main street, etc.] is a suitable endeavor.
  • I will find someone who can teach me Administration.

Retired Beliefs

  • I will find Larry and investigate the mine’s prospects myself. ✅
  • I will find the master shipbuilder among the roden. ✅ His name is Keehit.
  • I will find at least two citizens of Seldoorn interested in forming a town council with me. ✅ Winston and Patricia.
  • I will secure initial funding from a captain, pirate, or other wealthy party for a town improvement. ✅ Won DoW for 15D fund from Veronica for dry dock.
  • I will see that Larry gets a proper burial (or whatever funerary rites he would have wanted). ✅ Circled up Rufus, interred Larry’s bones, left reception before trouble.
  • I must learn more about these roden and their wants. Next, I will return to them with the nails, hammers, and saws I sold them. ✅
  • Skrim gets into trouble too easily. I will keep an eye on him until we get back to Seldoorn. ❌ Moldbroken.


  • Never do anything for free.
  • Never forget a face.
  • Always greet Roden in their language.

Retired Instincts

  • Always keep Skrim in my line of sight.
  • Always call out Falsehood.


  • Cynical (Char)
  • Rainman (Dt, 343)
  • Penny Wise (C-O for Resources, 340)
  • Poker Face (C-O for Falsehood, Gambling, Games of Chance, 341)

Social Capital

  • Affiliation: Merchant’s Guild (2D)
  • Property: Small Business in Seldoorn
  • Relationship: Lord Captain Veronica (10 pts)

In-Progress Relationships

  • Moss, barber extraordinaire, 0/7
  • Winston, proprietor of the Prancing Pecker, 1/7
  • Patricia, master carpenter, 1/7
  • Rufus, Coin-Brother priest, 1/7

Duel of Wits Obligations

  • I will help the Visionary build his ship by selling him tools.
  • Winston can operate tax-free for three years once the Town Council is up and running.
  • Veronica can appoint a Harbormaster, who could be herself but who must stay in Seldoorn.


Clothes, Shoes, Finery, Gambeson, Dirk (run of the mill)


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