Seldoorn, Pirate Cove, Ancient Ruins…

Up in the north, where the icy wastes dominate, a small valley is kept warm, temperate by any measure, nestled in an otherwise impassable mountain range, on the shore of the enormous Lake Cyrn. Frontiersmen from the Ytre Empire found ancient dwarven ruins, and founded the outpost of Seldoorn to explore it.

Soon enough, the pirate vessels of Lake Cyrn found Seldoorn, and began making use of it as a free port. Business supporting the fleet has grown, and trade with the seedier side of the world is growing.

This has brought the settlers in conflict with the locals, roden who have inhabited the dwarven ruins for some time.

Our cast has landed here, or are from here, on the frontier, looking to make a mark or just survive.

Seldoorn: The Founding

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